What is the Allied Health Expo?



The Allied Health Expo will specifically focus on allied health careers, especially technician positions into health care, professional skills, and career paths into nursing and medicine. This expo will be marketed to high school students and young adults within Alameda County. The goal is to bring awareness of the wide variety of health care careers to students and young adults in fun, interactive ways, and attract a diverse workforce to pursue careers in health care professions where there are gaps or an increased demand in service. 

There is a need for a diverse allied health care workforce in Alameda County. Our role as the Pipeline is to increase the number of minorities in health professions. We believe that the best way to increase health professionals of color, is to educate our youth on the allied health career options. Allied health is a broad career field that has many different jobs to offer.

The Allied Health Expo is career summit for 150 high schoolers (ages 16-18) and 50 young adults (18+). The main goal is to build awareness and knowledge of Allied Health Careers for high schoolers and connect young adults to local Allied Health jobs.

Workshops Details

  • Career Panels (Allied Health Professionals to share their story and answer questions)

  • College and Career Readiness (Allied Health Specific)

  • Health Literacy & Education on Patient Care 

  • Mock Interviews

  • CPR/other hands-on workshop    

For high school students ONLY

Please register here: https://healthpipeline.wufoo.com/forms/allied-health-expo-high-student-registration/#public

For young adults (18+) ONLY:

Please register here: https://healthpipeline.wufoo.com/forms/r1pgpd8e0xar3gy/