Program Logistics



Summer Exploration Design and Logistics

The 2018 Exploration is a five-week experiential learning opportunity. Successful participants completing 150 hours of training will receive a stipend from OUSD, via grant funding received form Atlantic Philanthropies and may receive ten academic credits, where applicable.

The 2018 Curriculum will include:

Week One

  • Monday is an introduction into Linked Learning, formerly referred to as Exploring College, Career and Community Options or ECCCO, activities under leadership of OUSD staff.

  • Tuesday – Thursday will be a period for “New Exploration Orientation.” On-Boarding will be an introduction of interns to HCSA and our four Department areas. At this time, participants will participate in sessions geared to important policies and procedures of Alameda County and the Exploration, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, Harassment, Diversity & Inclusion, and Codes of Conduct. Guest speakers will join us and lead the group in some goal setting activities.  

  • This process is to orientate them to HCSA, our workplace culture, and an overview of content information specific to HCSA partner agencies (i.e. Alameda Health Systems, including HEAL and MIMS.)

  • Friday of the first week will be devoted to activities regarding self-reflection, assessment of interest, and a field trip to the Public Health Simulation Lab.


Week Two – Five

  • Mondays will be devoted to Linked Learning activities led by OUSD in the morning, and internships in the afternoon.

  • Tuesday through Friday. participants will be at their assigned Departments with access to Preceptors and a Lead supervisor. Lead supervisor are both a mentor to youth and available to support Preceptors and Departments.

  • Fridays will be spent with assigned Departments and HCSA Lead Supervisor. These sessions will be devoted to projects, check-in, and tours/field trips.