Research Specialist- Nachury Laboratory    

The Nachury Laboratory ( in the Department of Ophthalmology at UCSF studies the primary cilium, an organelle with central roles in developmental signaling pathways and sensory signaling. We seek a Junior or Assistant Research Specialist to work as part of a team exploring the biology of cilia using a combination of biochemistry, biophysics and live microscopy.
The Research Specialist will conduct experiments under the direct supervision of the Principal Investigator. The goals of the projects are to characterize protein complexes involved in ciliary trafficking at the biochemical and cellular levels. The position will involve culture of mammalian cells, biochemical purification of protein complexes from mammalian cells and tissues, purification of recombinant proteins from bacteria and insect cells, characterization of enzymatic activities, processing of cells for immunocytochemistry and fluorescence microscopy imaging of live and fixed cells. The Research Specialist will pursue innovative research projects in collaboration with other lab members; and communicate and discuss the research with other lab members. The individual will also have the opportunity to develop independence, acquire advanced technical and analytical skills and carry out his/her own research projects under supervision. In these roles, the Research Specialist is expected to assist in preparing figures for publications and grants and will gain authorship on publications.
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