Medical Assistant


Medical assistants are in high demand over the next few years


Becoming a Medical Assistant:

There are several different pathways for becoming a Medical Assistant.  One of the pathway option is to do on the job training and education. Medical Assistants have to have a high school diploma or GED.  Next, they must find a doctor who will train them.

Medical assistants must be able to use various medical equipment such as blood pressure units and needles.

1. The first step to becoming a Medical Assistant is to enroll in an accredited Medical Assistant school.  There is an option to enroll in a program that is either through an associates degree program or through certificates.

2. The second step is to complete an externship.  An externship will allow one to gain clinical experience before entering their career field. The externship allows student to apply their classroom learning to real world scenarios.  

3. The third step is to get certified.