1. Purpose of this Preceptor Manual

  2. How to Use Manual

  3. Overall program goals for 2018

For high school students who participate in the summer internships, we would like to:  

    •    Gain an opportunity for self-exploration in healthcare to ascertain if there is an interest in the field.

    •    Through projects and coaching, gain skills and an understanding of their strengths as related to specific task in the fields of healthcare.

    •    Gain soft skills including teamwork and collaboration from group projects and other task that will document key learning and achievements.

    •    Exposure to Workforce Development tools including individual development plans, job search, and career readiness skills.


This year’s 2018 program will provide a five-week summer pathway opportunity for up to forty (40) Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) 9th - 12th graders. For the third year, HCSA’s ACHPP, in collaboration with OUSD, will serve as the anchor organization and will coordinate a meaningful work-based experiences that will emphasize project-based and experiential learning opportunities.

Various preceptors throughout HCSA’s departments including, Administrative/Indigent Health, Behavioral Health Care Services, Environmental Health, and Public Health will identify projects where interns can add value, receive exposure to service - based work in a health institution, and soft skills to assist in self-reflective activities for their individual development.