Health Care Service Agency & Alameda County Health Pathway Partnership History

Alameda County has a long history in supporting our youth in personal and professional development. The Alameda County, Health Care Services Agency (HCSA or Agency) intends to continue to build upon this strong history through Workforce Development efforts that both enriches the lives of our residents while ensuring that our workforce is as diverse and inclusive as the demographics of the community that we serve. 

Early career exploration and skill development have shown to increase performance in school and future career decisions. Work-based learning activities have the potential to make significant impact in a young person’s learning. It is well documented, that students of all ages respond favorably when academics are taught in context. Work-based experiences provide additional context, add value through real life applications, and increase engagement in classroom activities by giving student’s practical applications of the content they are learning in the classroom. Healthcare as a whole is one of the fastest growing industry sectors in the nation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2016. Labor statistics indicated that Healthcare industries are “expected to have the fastest employment growth and to add the most jobs between 2014 and 2024.” Projections in 2009 estimated an increase by 1.6 million jobs from 2008-2018 and is estimated to continue to grow at a rate of 70% in some areas. Work-based learning partnerships between health employers and education providers, is one strategy that can increase the supply of health professionals. Partnerships with local community-based and educational institutions are imperative in reaching our youth and young adults. The earlier we expose our future generations to health science pathways embedded in a foundation of social justice and civic engagement, the more likely we are to succeed in the vision of Alameda County Health Pipeline Partnership of creating a “healthy workforce that reflects the rich cultural diversity of our community.” 

Our VISION is to provide youth from diverse backgrounds, both culturally and socially, with a supportive network for development and opportunities to build a successful career in health care settings by: 

  • increasing awareness of health services-related field and services provided by HCSA; 
  • increasing awareness of how social determinants of health are being addressed through programs to improve the health of Alameda County residents; and
  • provide training and development opportunities to our youth to ensure that HCSA has a potential qualified, engaged workforce that will attract and sustain a diverse, culturally responsive, and clinically effective future workforce that provides the best possible care for all our communities.

The 2018 Summer Career Exploration builds on two previous summer sessions that provided Oakland Unified School District high schools with internships at various departments within HCSA:

Health Care Services Agency strives to interact, understand, and promote accessible, responsive and effective services for the people and communities of Alameda County.

Our mission is to maximize the recovery, resilience and wellness of all eligible Alameda County residents who are developing or experiencing serious mental health, alcohol or drug concerns.

Alameda County Department of Environmental Health operates various programs to protect the public. 

We recognize that residents are more than mere consumers of public health services. Many other issues (housing, employment, environment) can impact health. Therefore, our health department is involved in a variety of community-based activities that engage residents and community partners in the planning, evaluation and implementation of health activities.