Paramedics and EMTS


Paramedics and EMTS


Paramedics and EMTs provide emergency medical treatment for people who need care. This position requires a lot of responsibility and dedication.  Both paramedics and emts must be able to move at a fast pace while making the best decisions.

First responders include: EMTs, paramedics,

The first step to becoming and EMT is to complete the basic training also known as EMT-B. This training ranges from six month to two years for completion.  There are several different options for program completion; the options include programs at technical institutes, community colleges and enrolling in the EMS EMT program through Alameda County.

After completing the program the next step is to pass a background check and a national or state exam to become a certified EMT.  This exam will include both cognitive and psychomotor topics.

-Advanced EMT Training: 300 hours of coursework

-Two year degree program: A two year degree after passing the EMT exam and background check will allow one to become a paramedic.  


EMTs can make a starting salary of $15 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Paramedics can make a starting salary of $19 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

There is a increasing demand for EMTs within the next few years.


Paramedics are a step up from EMTs; therefore there are higher credential needed to achieve a paramedic status.  



The credential needed to become a paramedic include:

Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional: International Board for Certification of Safety Managers

  • EMT Basic: National Registry of EMTs

  • EMT Intermediate: National Registry of EMTs

  • EMT Paramedic: National Registry of EMTs

  • First Responder: National Registry of EMTs

  • Certified Medical Interpreter: The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters

  • Critical Care Paramedics: Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification

  • Flight Paramedic Certification: Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification

  • Certified Hyperbaric Technologist: National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology

In addition to becoming a paramedic or EMT their are other similar emergency jobs such as a firefighter or a police officer.   In order to become a firefighter one must first attain a high school diploma or equivalent in addition to a Emergency Medical Technician EMT-Basic certification.